IR50mm Extruded Roller Shutters

IR50mm Extruded Roller Shutters Melbourne

Featuring IR50mm extruded roller shutters, the best option for high-security settings that give companies more strength and protection. These precisely crafted roller shutters are made of a robust, premium aluminium alloy, and they are specially made with customers' security concerns in mind.

Heavy-duty strength and longevity are ensured by the commercial-grade double wall extruded profile of our IR50mm (Intruder Resistant) Extruded Roller Shutters. Commercial clients may rely on these shutters to properly protect their premises because of their sturdy structure.

The IR50mm (Intruder Resistant) Extruded Roller Shutters from OZ Roller Shutters are made to guard a range of locations around Australia, including banks, factories, scoreboards, stores, and screens. Offer your business clients the necessary protection with IR50mm Extruded Roller Shutters.

  • High quality aluminium alloy construction.
  • Commercial grade double wall extruded profile for heavy duty strength.
  • High quality powder coated finish or natural anodise.
  • Flat face profile on both sides allows for sign writing
  • Range of colours.
  • Tubular motor or side motor (SIMUBOX) options.
  • Single Phase and 3 Phase (High-Cycle) motor options
  • Safety Brakes are fitted as standard.
  • 101.6mm x 2mm & 139.7mm x 3.5mm round steel axles.
  • Suitable for widespan widths up to 7600mm.
  • Motorised operation.
  • Made in Australia.
Maximum Shutter Width 7600mm (6100mm Anodised)
Maximum Shutter Height 4500mm Drop + 500mm Head Room
Maximum Surface Area 24m2
Curtain Weight/Metre2 9kg
Number Of Slats/Metre 20
Profile Slat Covering 50mm
Profile Slat Thickness 13mm
Axle Types Round Steel
Bottom Foot Dimensions 75mm x 50mm
Guide Dimensions 82mm x 29mm/16mm
Paint Finish High Quality Powder Coat Finish
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