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Somfy LT Motor 15NM

Wall Switch Operated Motor Wall Switch Not Included


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Somfy electric motors come with 5 years Guarantee.

Somfy is an international group present in nearly 60 countries and the world leader in the automation of home and building openings and closures. For more than 45 years, the Somfy Group has been leading the improvement of living environments through automation, by designing and developing solutions for comfort, safety, energy saving and personal autonomy.   LT Motor Model: The Somfy® Systems LT series motor is Somfy’s standard motor and is the highest quality motor throughout the industry. The LT Motor is non-remote and operates by a hardwired wall switch. This motor features rapid push button limit adjustment for easy setting.    

Calculating The Right Size Motor

  Lifting Capacity Of Motors(Kg) = 2 x NM of Motor (for shutters up-to 2 meters high)   Shutters between 2–3 meters height, expect 20% loss in lifting Capacity.    For example : 10NM motor will lift 20 Kg (for roller shutter up-to 2 meters). Roller shutters between 2-3 meters height, lifting capacity of motor will be reduced to 16 Kg.  
  • Residential window roller shutters weigh 4 kg/square meter.
  • Bush-fire BAL40(Extruded)  roller shutters weigh 8 kg/square meter.
  • Hurricane window roller shutters weigh 6 kg/square meter.
  • Clear-view  roller shutters weigh 6 kg/square meter.

Based on the above information, select the right Torque(NM) of the motor.  If the motor chosen has less torque than required, it will significantly reduce it’s longevity and performance.  

  ATTENTION • Somfy motors are not toys. Do not allow children to play with the control device(s). • Somfy Motors are not waterproof. Electricity and water do not mix. • All motors mounted externally require covering. • All motors must be mounted horizontally. • Somfy motors are designed for intermittent use only. A thermal overload switch protects the motor from damage caused by overheating. • Somfy motors are sensitive to impacts. Shocks will damage sensitive parts. • Drilling into the Somfy motor may cause irreparable damage. • Parallel wiring and dual switching of standard Somfy motors is strictly forbidden. • Failure to observe the above will void the warranty of the motor and may pose a significant electrical and/ or mechanical hazard.  
  • NOTE : When ordering, specify the Axle Type(Octagonal or Round). Motor comes with Round drive wheel as standard.
  • NOTE: This price is for motor only, Switch is not supplied. Installation And wiring must be done by Qualified Professional.



The following are exclusions from warranty, subject always to the Consumer Law:

  1. Oz Roller Shutters only obligation shall be to repair or replace, with the least possible delay, defective equipment which does not conform to the warranty without any other indemnity relating to installation and re-installation or consequential damages.
  2. Oz Roller Shutters shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of, or the inability to use, the equipment. Before using, the Buyer and/or the end User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use, and User assumes all risks and liability in connection therewith.
  3. The articles that are replaced pursuant to the terms of this warranty shall be retained by Oz Roller Shutters.
  4. All costs related to installation and re-installation of the Oz Roller Shutters equipment covered by this warranty are not the responsibility of Oz Roller Shutters.
  5. The user is responsible for any freight costs relating to repair or replacement.
  6. Oz Roller Shutters will not be responsible for any consequential damages during or following installation procedures.
  7. If the buyer resells any Oz Roller Shutters products to another buyer or end-user, it shall include all of the terms and provisions of this warranty in such resale. Oz Roller Shutters responsibility to any such third party shall be no greater than Oz Roller Shutters responsibility under the warranty to the original Buyer.
  8. If written specifications are not properly applied by the Buyer with regards to size and weight limitations.
  9. If Oz Roller Shutters material has been used to perform functions other than the function it was designed to handle, namely enclosing domestic window openings
  10. If Oz Roller Shutters material is used with componentry and/or accessories that have not been previously approved in writing by Oz Roller Shutters.
  11. If Oz Roller Shutters is requested by the Buyer to use any customized colors or to over coat materials then this will void warranty on Roller Shutter Coatings
  12. If Oz Roller Shutters is requested by the Buyer to insert other profiles into a shutter (i.e. AE 401 into AR 401) then this will void the shutter due to the incompatibility of profiles
  13. If the defect is a result of alteration, accident, misuse abuse or neglect.
  14. Deterioration due to normal fair wear and tear.
  15. Damage from weather and/or the environment including hail, wind, rain, lightening, flood, salt and similar.
  16. Please Note: All Somfy® motors and mechanical accessories supplied by Oz Roller Shutters carry the Somfy® Five (5) Year Limited Warranty. All Somfy® controllers and electrical accessories supplied by Oz Roller Shutters carry the Somfy® Two (2) year Warranty.