OzRoll Ultrashield Slat


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PU Foam Inserted 55mm Aluminium Slat

Total width in meters (Width x Pieces)
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Oz Roller Shutters is an authorized OzRoll Distributor for genuine OzRoll E-Port Controllers, remote control units and accessories.

The Ultra Shield profile is a double walled cavity with PU foam injected during the roll forming process. This profile is available for use on openings up to 50% larger than our standard domestic profiles while maintaining the same level of strength and insulation qualities.

As an Australian Roller Shutter Manufacturer, OzRoll realizes it is important to be able to offer a diverse range of products to provide a diverse range of solutions in this harsh climate.

The Ultra Shield is a curved profile which uses a minimal head box size, making it an ideal substitute for garage doors or commercial door applications where room for roll up is limited. Available in multiple colours, the Ultra Shield has 2 profile lines on the convex side with a smooth finish on the concave.

Testing Results

  • Formation of through gaps greater than 3mm
  • Sustained flaming for 10 seconds on the non-fire side
  • Radiant heat flux 365mm from the non-fire side exceeding 15kW/m2
  • Radiant heat flux 250mm from the specimen, greater than 3kW/m2 between 20 minutes and 60 minutes
  • Flaming on the fire-exposed side at the end of the 60 minutes test period
  • Mean and maximum temperature of internal faces exceeding 250˚C and 30

Features and Benefits

  • Insulation – Up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer & 50% reduction in sound transfer*
  • Light control – 100% light block out*
  • Security
  • Available for wider spans
  • Ideal for garage doors
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Protection from the elements

*Statistics collected through formal testing in laboratory situations. Results may vary depending on installation & application type.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight (per m2) – 3.4 kg
  • Maximum Window Width – 4.1 m
  • Maximum Area (m2) – 11.8 m2
  • Gauge of Aluminium – 0.32 mm
  • Profile Slat Height – 55 mm
  • Profile Slat Thickness – 11mm

Colour Options

White, Cream, Sand, Black and Woodland Grey

NOTE: This Product is sold on the basis of  linear meter. The price displayed is for 1 meter only.


  • Oz Roller Shutters only obligation shall be to repair or replace, with the least possible delay, defective equipment which does not conform to the warranty without any other indemnity relating to installation and re-installation or consequential damages.
  • Oz Roller Shutters shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of, or the inability to use, the equipment. Before using, the Buyer and/or the end User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use, and User assumes all risks and liability in connection therewith.
  • The articles that are replaced pursuant to the terms of this warranty shall be retained by Oz Roller Shutters.
  • All costs related to installation and re-installation of the Oz Roller Shutters equipment covered by this warranty are not the responsibility of Oz Roller Shutters.
  • The user is responsible for any freight costs relating to repair or replacement.
  • Oz Roller Shutters will not be responsible for any consequential damages during or following installation procedures.
  • If the buyer resells any Oz Roller Shutters products to another buyer or end-user, it shall include all of the terms and provisions of this warranty in such resale. Oz Roller Shutters responsibility to any such third party shall be no greater than Oz Roller Shutters responsibility under the warranty to the original Buyer.
  • If written specifications are not properly applied by the Buyer with regards to size and weight limitations.
  • If Oz Roller Shutters material is used with componentry and/or accessories that have not been previously approved in writing by Oz Roller Shutters.
  • If Oz Roller Shutters is requested by the Buyer to use any customized colors or to over coat materials then this will void warranty on Roller Shutter Coatings
  • If Oz Roller Shutters is requested by the Buyer to insert other profiles into a shutter (i.e. AE 401 into AR 401) then this will void the shutter due to the incompatibility of profiles
  • If the defect is a result of alteration, accident, misuse abuse or neglect.
  • Deterioration due to normal fair wear and tear.
  • Damage from weather and/or the environment including hail, wind, rain, lightening, flood, salt and similar.li>
  • Please Note: All Somfy® motors and mechanical accessories supplied by Oz Roller Shutters carry the Somfy® Five (5) Year Limited Warranty. All Somfy® controllers and electrical accessories supplied by Oz Roller Shutters carry the Somfy® Two (2) year Warranty.
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