OzRoll 35NM DC Motor


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12V DC Motor 35NM Powered by E-Port Controller.

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Oz Roller Shutters is an authorized OzRoll Distributor for genuine OzRoll E-Port Controllers, remote control units and accessories.


The E-Series range by OzRoll was designed in Australia as an option for motorizing Roller Shutters without involving any expensive or dangerous electrical costs. Since the inception of this range in 2005, the L10 and T-Series 12 volt tubular motor range have revolutionized our industry. These products have been successfully exported into almost every continent on the planet and are utilized for not only Window Roller Shutters, but also a wide range of Outdoor Blinds and Awnings.


T-Series DC Motor 35 NM


These motors are battery operated. Roller shutters, blinds and awnings can still be operated during power outage.



Each T-Series 12 volt tubular motor has has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with Ozroll’s low voltage DC controllers. Internationally renowned for a smooth, quiet and reliable operation, each T-Series motor is provided with a tool to set the up and down limits using progressive twist limit settings.




Technical Specs


  • Model – T06
  • Minimum Shutter Width – 800 mm
  • Maximum Weight Lifting Capacity – 52 kg


If replacing old T35 Motor, you can use drive wheel from old motor.


Click Here to download instructions on installing T20 Motor.





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  • If Oz Roller Shutters is requested by the Buyer to insert other profiles into a shutter (i.e. AE 401 into AR 401) then this will void the shutter due to the incompatibility of profiles
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  • Deterioration due to normal fair wear and tear.
  • Damage from weather and/or the environment including hail, wind, rain, lightening, flood, salt and similar.li>
  • Please Note: All Somfy® motors and mechanical accessories supplied by Oz Roller Shutters carry the Somfy® Five (5) Year Limited Warranty. All Somfy® controllers and electrical accessories supplied by Oz Roller Shutters carry the Somfy® Two (2) year Warranty.
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