Aluminium roller shutters were developed in Germany over fifty years ago, and derived from a timber slat woven together with string.Secure your residence or commerce in style with aesthetically pleasing Aluminum Roller Shutters, highly customizable to suit the specific needs and necessities of your location.Aluminium roller shutters provides a no of excellent features for every year.

Suitable For: Insulated models can he used to make homes heater and reduce energy costs. Their potential for customization means they can simply be made to give a discreet finish for homes and garages. High-security perforated or punched models are popular for retail units, where they offer enhanced security without detracting from the look of the store front.

Security and privacy

To protect your home and family against threats such as burglary and vandalism by making it difficult for intruders to access your windows and doors. Aluminium Roller Shutters provide an excellent physical barrier against entry that deters intruders and protects your windows and doors against breakage. Aluminium roller shutters use extra wide and extra thick guide rails for roller shutters which provide added security to your window roller shutters. Its also provides screening from view.Our lightweight shutters are manufactured using aluminium to create a light but highly durable double-skinned shutter. They are insulated with foam for protection against various temperatures, either hot or cold.

Weather Protection

Aluminium roller shutters provide a significant year-round protection from storms, including severe winds, pounding rain, hail and dangerous flying debris. Aluminium Roller Shutters will typically prevent the extreme damage that can occur to a home in severe weather conditions.

Noise reduction

In addition to privacy and light control, the shutters reduce your stress level by providing the additional benefits of significant noise reduction. The insulating qualities of our rolling shutters can reduce the ambient noise level by up to 10dB or more, especially at higher frequencies.

Light Control

Like to sleep during the day and want your room completely black? Want to enjoy movies in your home theater in darkness? We have the solution for you. Aluminium Roller shutters eliminate the annoying glare of bright sunlight and protect the interior and contents of your home by blocking out damaging UV (ultraviolet) rays.

Fire Protection

The heat from a shrub fire can easily break the glass in window can easily allow the entry of heat and ashes in the home. But aluminum roller shutters act as a effective barrier against radiating heat and airborne ashes .

Thermal Insulation

The slat is rolled to form a hollow casing into which a PU foam is injected, creating an 8.7mm (AR4OO series) thick wall of insulation, similar in style to a cool room. There is that added insulating qualities of the air gap between the shutter and the window. These functions could provide up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer through the covered window.

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