We specialize in the new installation, broken cable replacement, box winder replacement, motor upgrades and repairs of all kinds of issues with window roller shutters. At any time – we guarantee a quality job at an affordable price.


If the window roller shutters are not originally installed by Oz Roller Shutters, there is a minimum call out fee of $75 within Melbourne metro area (within 35 km from CBD). Call-out fee is waived, if customers proceed with repairs.

We are confident that our repair prices are the most competitive in roller shutter industry that’s why we are setting a new standard by displaying the frequently repairable parts prices below. We can confidently claim that we are never beaten on price, workmanship and quality of products.

  • 1

    Broken or Frayed Cable Replacement

    The stainless steel cable is 2 mm thick and runs in between the wall cavity. During manual window roller shutters installation, 8 to 10 mm hole is drilled through the wall in line with the pulley. A metal coiled spring is fitted in this hole and then cable is passed through this spring from pulley to the winding mechanism. The cable is frayed due to rubbing against this metal coiled spring or rubbing against brick within the wall cavity. At Oz Roller Shutters, we give 1 year guarantee for cable on manually operated roller shutters due to installation of high quality semi-rigid nylon guide instead of metal coiled spring. If only the cable is worn out, you don’t have to change the winding mechanism.

  • 2

    In Wall Manual Winder Replacement

    Oz roller shutters use only STAFER series of steel-wire winches, with the capacity of up to 100 kg, which has been conceived to ensure the conservation of a high-quality standard over time. The size of the box winder which fits in the wall cavity is 75 mm x 110 mm. We don’t recommend using manual operation system on window larger than 2 m x 2 m. The electric motor is the best option to choose on larger size windows in long term.

  • 3

    Winder & Cable Combo Replacement

    In most cases, if you need to change winding mechanism, there is a good chance that the cable is also worn out. It is advisable (but not necessary) to change both cable and winding mechanism at the same time. It saves you $75, rather than repairing them individually at separate times.

  • 4

    On Wall Tape winder Replacement

    This unit is available for use with a tape or strap, running through the wall cavity and down the internal face of the wall to the winder which is fixed next to the opening. We can replace old winder box as it uses the same 14 mm tape or strap that came with the old winder box. The winder box size dimensions are - (W)150 mm x (H) 120 mm x (D) 32 mm.

  • 5

    Broken Slats or shutter Jammed

    Mostly the window roller shutter slats break due to negligence of operation such as window/door being left open while the roller shutter is closing down. The spring fasteners and slats get damaged and must be replaced. Our technicians carry various colored slats and other components to repair the damaged roller shutter. Repair costs depend upon number of slats that are to be replaced. The tubular motors also have to be readjusted. The price below includes repair of up-to 3 spring fasteners, up-to 5 damaged slats replacement (max. 2 meters wide) and motor limits readjustment. Do not operate the shutter if it is jammed, to avoid further damage to slats.

  • 6

    Manual Winder to 12V Battery Motor Upgrade

    Converting from a Manual winder to Battery motor upgrade, the following components are required:



    1. ODS L10 Motor (Part Number - 15.121.000)
    2. E - Port Controller (Part number - 15.600.001)
    3. E - Port Wall Pate (Part Number - 15.551.001)
    4. 240V AC Charger (Part Number - 15.580.003)
    5. Axle Adaptor (Part Number - 15.XXX.415)
  • 7

    Manual Winder to 240V Electric Motor Upgrade

    Tired of winding your shutters manually?

    Changing cables too often due to poor installation?

    Paying too much to replace wire on your roller shutters?

  • Upgrade to Electric Motor. See options below

    Switch Controlled Motors


    Amazing Price


    Best Seller


    Best Seller

    Price includes installation and certified electrician

    Remote Controlled Motors


    Best Seller


    Best Seller


    Best Seller

    Price includes installation and certified electrician

Our technicians are vastly experienced, ensuring that works to all types of roller shutters is carried out to the highest standards. Once the booking is made, our experienced installers will come and check your damaged roller shutters. They will confirm the price on the spot for your repairs. If you are happy with the price, your roller shutters will be fixed straight away. All our repairs are done on a fixed price quote basis, so you don’t have to worry about watching the clock for hourly costs. We only fix what needs fixing, not doing any unnecessary tasks or replacing any parts that don’t need to be replaced. We are using only the highest quality parts, so you know your repairs will last. We do fast and reliable yearly service for your window roller shutters whenever you require. We replace damaged roller shutter curtains, stainless steel cable replacements, battery replacement, burnt out motors, solve the electric problem on time and within budget.

Additional Costs

  • *Extra charge of $120 for double storey homes as there is extra manpower, time and work involved. 
  • *There will be an extra charge for any additional parts required for the repairs. (example: axle, end cap, pulley or nylon tube.)

After Hours

Our 24 hour emergency call-out service covers 24 hours, 7 days a week. Don't leave your premises unsecured and vulnerable if you have damaged or a broken roller shutter. Give us a call and we will aim to be with you within 24 hours to secure and repair your roller shutter. Emergency or After Hours call out fee is $275 and is charged in addition to repair costs. This fee is not waived.