Vision Guard

Upto 870 x 2100 mm Privacy Door with Great Looks & Strength

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What others consider extra, we provide as standard

  1. Installation Included
  2. Austral Door Closer Included
  3. Custom Sizes Available
  4. Insect Screen Included (Fiberglass Flyscreen)
  5. Bug-Strip Included
  6. Austral Lock Included

$865.00 incl. GST

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  • Vision-Guard screens not only secure your home but also provide a degree of privacy from people outside your home looking in.
  • Vision-Guard screens provide security, privacy and strength, as well as being corrosion resistant and looking great.
  • Specially designed rigid 2 mm thick aluminium mesh.
  • The mesh has two options for retaining in the frame: 1. Secured with our bespoke Wedge PVC pressure retention system. 2. Secured using rivets into a frame with a covering strip to conceal the rivets.
  • Vision-Guard complies with the mesh aperture for screening of openable parts to doors and windows up to BAL-29 conditions.(Bush-fire Prone Areas)
  • Tested Performance to Australian Standard AS5041 – 2003. 1. Knife Shear Test 2. Dynamic Impact Test 3. Lock and Lever Hinge Test
  • The Vision Guard  hinged/sliding security screen door is fitted with a Austral single deadlock with the option to upgrade to triple lock(3 point lock system).
  • The Vision Guard security screen door offers superior quality, security and flexibility.
  • The lock comes with two keys as standard.
  • Three hinges are fitted to the frame as standard.
  • Austral Door Closer  is supplied with every Hinged Door as standard.
  • Heavy-duty frame and hinges are used for maximum strength and security.
  • Mitered corners add strength, aesthetic appeal and heavy-duty hinges provide durability and have a higher quality appearance.
  • The price displayed is for standard sized doors only.
  • Standard-size door opening is less than 870 mm in width and 2100 mm in height.
  • All our security doors include Bottom Bug Seal Strip as standard for protection from crawling bugs and mosquitoes entering from under the door.
  • High quality Patio Bolts are supplied with double doors.
  • 12 Months Warranty is provided on all security door parts and workmanship.

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