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We are so confident of our roller shutter prices that we have provided an online calculator to give you an idea on how much approximately you should be paying for your roller shutters with us.

You are more than welcome to get quotes from other companies and compare our prices and quality of products. We are never knowingly beaten on price - if you see a better price for the same products showing elsewhere then please ring us - we are confident we can beat any written quotes

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  • Installation cost may vary depending upon the construction of your home. e.g. Double storey and corner windows, bay windows.
  • Warranty voids if tempered with Roller Shutters
  • Free Quote in Melbourne Metro area only
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  • The prices above are exclusive of GST.
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If for any reason, you are unable to measure your window, we will provide a free no obligation quote in Melbourne Metro area only for Roller shutters and Security doors.