window roller shutterRoller shutter systems (also called roller shutters) are installed in window and door openings to protect a house or building from break- in and intrusion, sun, wind, rain, noise, etc. Today, Roller Shutters are the most practical way to secure residential and commercial buildings. Fully rolled down, a shutter not only protects against natural disasters, but protects against burglars and intruders, lowers energy costs, reduces outside noise levels and gives greater privacy. Made from Aluminum or PVC, the shutter rides in tracks mounted on the side of the window. The shutter can be raised or lowered either manually, by pull strap or a gear/crank handle, or electronically. Due to the quality of these shutters, they installed using certain fixings and in very specific ways in order to achieve the security rating.

Window Roller Shutter (Melbourne), The all in one window unit contains both the roller shutter and retractable screen. Also available is a combination of the window and a separate roller box, Side Frames, Head box, containing the Roller Shutter and/or retractable screen with 15 Yrs guarantee. Both combinations are available in all sizes, and offer the newest technology in design.

Windows are great for views, but sometimes you want to close them completely. Since most burglars gain entry through windows, an uPVC Roller Shutters to deter them makes good sense.

Roller Shutters provide a layer of protection, reducing the risk of broken glass and reducing vulnerability of your home to break-in. Plus they provide a layer of insulation from heat, cold, noise, glare and also make sure you have complete privacy whenever you want it.

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Aluminium Foam

     Aluminium Foam Profile

        0.38mm Thickness

     Aluminium Extruded Profile

      Aluminium Extruded Profile

             1.2mm thickness

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