Profile Types

Generally the strength of a Roller Shutter depends upon the amount of aluminium used to make the shutter. More aluminium makes the roller shutters stronger. Oz roller Shutters uses both Foam insulated and Extruded profiles and due to our bulk buying, we are providing the extruded aluminium profiles at minimal cost to customers whereas other companies charge customers way more for extruded profile compared to foam insulated profile. Extruded profiles are much stronger than the Foam insulated profiles. Oz Roller Shutters highly recommend Extruded profile for more security and strength. Extruded profiles can be powder coated in various colours to match your home's colour scheme.

Extruded Profile

Aluminium Extruded Profile
Aluminium Extruded Profile 1.2mm thickness Oz Roller Shutters offers 1.2 mm extruded aluminium profile roller shutters which are amongst the strongest and most versatile roller shutter solutions suitable for commercial and residential applications, including homes desiring stronger security roller shutters, and commercial shop front.

Foam Profile

Aluminium Foam
Aluminium Foam Profile 0.38mm thickness. This profile is widely used in roller shutters. The foam insulated profiles come in various colourbond colours as standard. Check our colour chart for standard colours.

Operation Types

Remote Control Operated Roller Shutters

Remote Control Operated Roller Shutters
Remote Control Operated Roller Shutters
The roller shutter is driven by tubular motor, and controls the slats moving up and down. Tubular motor works with setting process of limit switch. The roller shutter's top and bottom positions are set just like a garage door. With the remote control, users can stop the roller shutter at any position they desire. You can operate the roller shutters from within 30 m inside or outside the house with Oz Roller Shutters remote control.

Manual Control

manual roller shutters
manual roller shutters
In manual roller shutters, the winders are installed in the cavity between the plaster board and the brick wall. A Stainless steel cable runs from pulley to the winder which controls the up & down movement of the roller shutter. At Oz roller shutter, we use a semi rigid nylon tube which goes through the brick wall and prevents the stainless steel cable running against any brick or metal parts whereas most of the companies in the roller shutter industry use metal spring which rubs with the cable and damages the cable within a short period of time and then the customers are up for the cost of repairing their roller shutters. The nylon tube which we use for our roller shutters, protects the stainless steel cable from wear & tear and keeps your roller shutters in a good condition for years to come.