Roller Shutters Parts


Flange vs non-flange Guide Rails

The roller shutters curtain moves up & down inside the guide rails which are secured to the outside of the window. The guide rails support the head box of roller shutter.

At Oz roller shutters, we use 60mm extra thick guide rails with the flange which covers the window from both sides of the brick providing better insulation, light and noise control. The flanged guide rails are secured to the inside of window by mounting the screws on the flange. This provides extra security and when roller shutter curtain is in the down position, there is no accessibility to the screws.

The screws on the Non-flanged guide rails have to be mounted from the front due to which the screws are easily accessible to the would be intruder. The light and wind still pass through gap between brick mortar. Oz roller Shutters strongly recommend using flanged guide rails as they provide better security and looks to the finished product.

Head box

The Roller shutter head box is available in 2 different types of material i.e. Colour bond and Aluminium. The Aluminium head box has excellent corrosion resistance due to the high-grade aluminium alloy used and the exceptional coating qualities. The shape of the box is designed to be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining a highly functional purpose.

Due to the strength of the shape and the lightness of the aluminium, the box will not bend over its own weight. The boxes come in 3 different sizes 165mm, 180mm and 205mm depending on the height of the window.

Side Frames

The cast aluminium end plates are fitted to the head box of window roller shutters using aluminium rivets, therefore offering the best resistance to galvanic corrosion or electrolysis, caused by using dissimilar metals. The lower pin of the side frames inserts into the guide rails and thus the head box is supported by the guide rails. All the Side frames are available in matching colours to the Head box. The side frame also come in all the sizes to match the head box. Side frame for roller shutter, end covers for rolling shutter, aluminum moulded End Covers for roller shutter . These are powder coated which easily assembled.