Magnetic Flyscreens

Magnetic flyscreens for $19 only

DIY magnetic fly screens are incredibly cheap and easy to install. All you need is a knife or a pair of scissors.
Our magnetic window fly screens fit most windows upto 1.5m * 1.5m.

magnetic window fly screens


1. Use magnet tape to firmly seal windows.

2. Keep the features of traditional magnetic screen. For the first time, installation and changing screen is completely DIY.

3. Easy to install, a magnetic screen window can be installed in 15 minutes. Omit time to measure and save money from custom-made screen windows.

4.There is no glue between the PVC on frame, magnet and screen. No extra maintenance needed.

5. Keep windows brilliant as before. Not only prevents flies and mosquitoes but also adds to the beauty of the room.

6. Can be used with any shaped windows and with any material: wood, steel, aluminum, plastic,etc.

7.Marketable: Not only a best choice for apartments and villas, but also welcomed for country living.

Instructions for Fly Screen Installation

Installing your Oz Roller Shutters DIY Magnetic Fly Screen(s)

Step 1 Measure the PVC strips and cut off the excessive parts.

Step 2 Lay the mesh on the top of the frame.

Step 3 Use the magnetic strips to push the mesh into the PVC strips slots.

Step 4 Cut off the excess mesh around the frame.

Step 5 Lay the adhesive magnetic trips on top with the protected adhesive sides up.

Step 6 Lift the protective coat slightly and place the clips on the frame then the protective coat back.

Step 7 Clean the original window frame and make sure it is dry. Place the magnetic window screen on the original window frame. Peel off protective coat and press it slightly till it firms.

Step 8 Connect the string with holes on the lower corner pieces to ease opening and closing.

Allow 24hrs to dry before lifting the screen from the magnetic tape.