OZ Roller Shutter Range

Generally the strength of a Roller Shutter depends upon the material used to make the shutters.
To make the roller shutters tough aluminium is the most essential component.

OZ Roller Shutter Remote Control

Use Your Mobile Phone to open your gate, garages and electric door

The GSM G+ mobile remote control unit has been designed to open gates and operate roller shutters from anywhere in the world using your existing mobile phone or landline.

Double Glazing vs Roller Shutters

Double Glazing is the glazing process in which a window is made with two panes of glass with a space between them. The space between the glass is usually between 0.63 and 0.75 inches (16 and 19 mm) wide. In many cases, air is trapped between the panes and forms a layer of insulation. Before the unit is sealed, a drying agent is added to ensure that no moisture is present inside the finished glass unit.

Ideal places in your home to install roller shutters

As we all seen the roller shutters can be used by businesses when they are closed, But now a days roller shutters can also be used  in homes for security purposes and also for other purposes. Let explore why roller shutter is a good idea and where they would be the more effective.

Noise Insulation Properties

Independent laboratory tests on OZ Roll®  roller shutters have demonstrated that this product can reduce  noise transmission through a window opening. The noise reduction benefits  obtained in university test varied significantly depending on the frequency of  the noise source.