How to maintain the Oz Roller Shutter

An important step to maintaining your shutters is to ensure that the guides along which the shutters run are clean and free from any litter or debris. Sweeping this away is simple to do, but will contribute to ongoing smooth operation. Likewise, checking the pelmet for any leaves, twigs or dirt that may have found their way in there and sweeping these away is also very useful.Making sure that you open and close your window roller shutters with some care will also contribute to their longevity and trouble-free operation. Ensuring that the shutter doesn't slam into the box on opening and that it’s firmly closed before locking are also useful tips.

You might be satisfied with the roller shutter door installed at your place. They protect you from outside noise, from the weather (wind, rain, etc.) And more importantly, they protect you from fire and intruders. They have a nice fit around your door and operate smoothly. But are they clean? Are they maintained well enough? If not, then you should adopt measures to clean and maintain your shutter doors so that they can last longer. Keep a regular check on the roller shutters so that you can know whenever there is a need to clean them.

As a final maintenance tip, greasing the bearings once a year will ensure that the rolling mechanism continues to operate smoothly while keeping the guide rails clean at the same time will also mean easy opening and closing. No lubrication is needed for guide rails. Simply clean it with soft brush once every 3 months.

Some basic Features of Roller shutter:


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