Classy designs security doors

We manufacture as well as install all stunning residential internal & external wooden security doors Melbourne with a covered solid steel nucleus. We are conceited to construct our doors here in the Australia to an extremely superior quality. Just look at these features:

  • Our high-security door lock approved by the Chief of Police Officers
  • Security mounted hinges
  • High potency solid steel internal core
  • Custom-built timber finishing, entirely concealing the internal steel core

Security wooden doors – our design features

Each of our specially made interior security wooden doors Melbourne is designed from a preference of natural wood finishes and styles with a non-breakable solid steel internal covered core. This houses a selection of locking systems that, when congested, is protected into a concealed steel frame providing utmost strength and security.
Every shielding door is designed to individual customer needs, and we can offer most styles and colours that equal your existing doors and furniture consist of metal inlays. Here are a few of our most well-liked designs.

Black doors

This includes rich and dark, these doors give a contemporary, smooth look to any property.

Grey doors

All the time more popular, our grey finishes provide a modern styling fixed with expediency and merge in well with most colour systems.

Oak doors

More long-established and offering affection and class to interiors, these oak doors enhance elegancy to any room.

White doors

Clean and modern, these white doors are gorgeous in any surrounds and allocate the employ of most colour palettes on walls and furnishings.

Walnut doors

This is a rich and extremely stylish, walnut doors can right away make any room feel like it’s a place to rest in.