Choose wide ranges of roller shutter doors in Melbourne


Our great and efficient design team has the skill and knack to solve the most intricate of problems. From a rolling shutter 27 metres high for a Bristol silo maker, to over 300 Fire Shutters installed in the new British Library in London. Whether it is Steel, Aluminium, Plastic or Timber, Security, Fire Resistance or Energy saving, all doors can be designed into every individual design. We do not, though, just craft our designs serviceable, we can make them gorgeous too, so that everyone can be built to complement its environs.


Roller shutter Melbourne has own countrywide installation experts who are independent and with all the indispensable effort and services vital for every onsite installation. Making sure our merchandise are installed by our own completely qualified staff means that they are done on time and with as modest disturbance as possible every time.


Our business is exactly based on skill and experiences as well as knowledge that is achieved over many years of being in the job. Merge this with the up-to-the-minute computer technology and you have the finest of both worlds - an old head on young shoulders. Technical guidance can be presented and representatives can conduct site surveys and drawings to be concerned. We have a full 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year to make a call out facility for repairs and preservation to all makes and types of industrial doors.

Product Range

We at roller shutter Melbourne can offer the wide range of industrial doors and rolling shutters to provide the "complete package". We can also make available dock shelters, dock levellers and connected loading bay equipment as well as other associated products.